On September 23, 2010 was reopened after 62 years, the Studio Hall of Odeon Theatre with the premiere Tlicked by Gabriel Pintilei, directed by Alexandru Mihail. In July 2006 was launched the competition for architecture projects in order to redevelop the hall. Organized by the Odeon Theatre together with the Order of Architects, it was won by architects Razvan and Ioana Luscov. Reconstruction works were started in 2008. The entire investment was supported by the Bucharest City Hall and the General Council of the City Hall.

Odeon Studio was designed by Razvan Luscov, PhD at the University of Architecture “Ion Mincu” in Bucharest, “as an underground world, in a mirror, opposite of the surface world. On the surface – a Romania where, unfortunately, good taste is measured in the quantity of granite, stainless and artificial plants. Here, the inverted world, where from the symbol of the hall – an actor dancer upside down – by inversion, the value is given by the simplicity and authenticity of the material that does not scream its price: exposed concrete, rusty steel, authentic materials and primary areas that trying to oppose and foodie gaudy opulence of many of today’s construction” (Razvan Luscov).

Odeon Studio features a flexible theatre space and consists of multifunctional platform allowing multiple opportunities to organize the playing area and location of the public.

Odeon Studio – theatre and contemporary art is designed both as a performance hall and is open to more artistic areas: photography, installations, film, music, etc.