13 June 2019

The opening of the play FOR YOUR OWN GOOD was performed in the presence of the Italian author Pier Lorenzo Pisano

1 June 2019

Children’s Day@Odeon, Second edition

17 May 2019

Extraordinary Dance Gala Răzvan Mazilu & Friends

14 April 2019

GARDENIA was performed in the presence of the Polish author Elzbieta Chowaniec

27 March 2019

International Theatre Day @ Odeon

8 march 2019

Unseen Beauty – a photo project dedicated to feminity

1 June 2018

Children Day@Teatrul Odeon

19 May 2018

Museums European Night

Samsung brought One Night Gallery at Odeon with an opening and an immersive multisensory experience signed by Raluca Băraru

29 April 2018

International Dance Day

Extraordinary Dance Gala Răzvan Mazilu & Friends

27 March 2018

International Theatre Day @Odeon

December 22, 2017

Concert Christmas Harmonies in the outer balcony of the theatre held by “OPERA” Choir and Bravissimo Children’s Choir, Conductor Adrian Ionescu

14-15 December 2017

The meeting of the foreign partners with the Romanian authors from the Fabulamundi project. Playwriting Europe, 3rd edition, co-funded by the European Union, as part of the Creative Europe program.

December 8, 2017

The Odeon Theatre has entered in the honored gallery of the UNESCO World Organization for a series of projects and programs to be carried out jointly with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization.